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Complete line engineering

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Production Line Range:Undertake the whole packaging production line.can design for the client with the production line layout, packaging, palletizing forms;to provide customers with competitive packaging solutions.

Production Line Type: Fruit juice beverage production line, carbonated beverage production line, production line of herbal tea drinks, protein drinks production line; water / soda and other beverages production line;

Production Line Equipment:Empty can depalletizer, cans sterilization washing machine, bottle / case / bag / pallets and other conveyor system, electrical control cabinets, air-drying device, turn tank machine, shrink film packaging machine, carton packaging machine, palletizing machine; drinks can be configured according to different process Cooling/warming spray tunnel, loading and unloading cage machine and auxiliary equipment;

Optional Equipments:finished product testing, labeling machine, inkjet printer, etc.

Production Line Capacity:200 cans / min to 1200 cans / min.