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Complete line engineering

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It has three spatial degrees of freedom and one rotary degree of freedom, it can capture target object through either teaching program or visual system. Fix spatial position of the center gripper (TCP) by three parallel servo axles, which realize rapid pick- ups on object sorting, packing, handling, and processing and so on. this machine is mainly applied in the field of dairy food, medicines and electronics industries, which has characteristics of light weight, small volume, high speed, precis positions ,low cost and high efficiency etc.

Automatic loading and unloading cage:

Suitable for all kinds of tank/bottle automatic loading and unloading cage operations. Through the net chain collecting platform and the sub-tank device, the solid cans after filling and sealing are automatically stacked in the sterilization cage from bottom to top, and then are transferred to the sterilization pot through the electric trolley cycle track for sterilization. Once the cage is unloaded, the partition board is automatically taken out and collected automatically. The tank layer rises automatically, the automatic falling tank, and the empty cage automatically stop the automatic descending of the unloading tank. Save manpower and greatly improve production efficiency.

Automatic Depalletizer:

The machine applies to automatic unloading online kinds of empty cans and bottles, and it is easy for empty cans and bottles to enter the production line to be washed and filled. And it through PLC controls the motions in the whole unloading process automatically. A perfect multifunction mechanism, taking the place of manually unloading method and traditional semi-automatic unloading device, can save manpower and increase the production effect greatly.