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Complete line engineering

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Module design               Smooth and reliable delivery       Advanced electric control          Efficient graphic design concept

Delivery system is an important part of a production line, and the control points and control time setting appropriate,communication between the host are reasonable,make a higher degree of automation, run more smoothly, to improve the efficiency of single and whole line provides a powerful guarantee.

Dynamic buffering platform:

Spiral Lift:

Realizing the connections between the production lines smoothly, making goods up and down flexibly, it can completely meet the requirements of cartons products conveying and film packaged products conveying. It also can efficiently avoid the dumping and damage that possibly caused by excessive angel. Spider-robot has the advantages of small space occupied, simple operating system, simplified production process, high reliability, low-cost maintenance. utility welded structure etc.

Spray transportation:

According to the product process requirements, the LP, SP and WP series tunnel sprayers are mainly suitable for spray sterilization, cooling or heating after hot filling or cold filling. For different customer products, set different requirements according to process requirements. The cooling spray pipe and the cold water tower equipment form a circulation system, and the heating or holding section is controlled by a steam automatic regulating valve to keep the water temperature constant and effectively improve the steam efficiency.